CGC All Purpose-Lite Drywall Compound

CGC All Purpose-Lite Drywall Compound

Product Code: CGC-2314

CGC All Purpose Lite Drywall Compound is a ready-mixed, high performance compound providing superior working qualities and good open time to ensure the smoothest joints possible. Compared to conventional-weight compounds, it weighs up to 15% less, is easier working and sanding, and provides lower shrinkage for metal bead, trim and fastener concealments. A special vinyl formulation makes it ideal for embedding tape and for filling, leveling and finishing over gypsum panel joints, fasteners, bead and trim. Also excellent for skim coating. Ready-to-use line of fast, easy-working products. — Lightweight formula weighs up to 15% less than conventional-weight compounds. — Easy working and sanding. — Low shrinkage. — Smooth application, long working time. — Formulated to obtain the smoothest finished joints possible. — Truly all purpose for taping, filling and finishing.

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